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Continuous development: the SER archive for Fraport AG

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Frankfurt Airport is a synonym for the superlative. As Germany's largest airport and one of the world's largest aviation hubs, it transports around 58 million passengers and 2.1 million tons of cargo every year. This is all made possible thanks to the 22,000 people who work for the operator of Frankfurt Airport – the Fraport Group.

16 years ago, Fraport decided to make fundamental changes to its document management system. Working with SER as its software partner, the company developed its first electronic archive, which initially was used to archive personnel and construction documents. Continuous expansion of the SER archive followed – incoming and outgoing invoices were integrated, as was SAP data. The individual archiving areas were implemented using sub-pools within the SER archive.

In 2012, the existing archive landscape was upgraded to the latest generation of SER software – Doxis4. The previously archived data pool – 8.7 million existing documents with a total volume of 1.3 terabytes – was migrated to Doxis4 during ongoing operations. At the same time, the storage infrastructure was also modernised, increasing the storage capacity by 600 per cent.

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